︎(1)FLUXUS, Berlin ︎(2)DRWANSCAPE 
︎(3)POSTHUMAN,The Contactless Nomad


4 Mar - 6 Mar 2022
Auguststrasse 35, 10119 Berlin

In collaboration with

Graphic Design / Subin Seol
Performace / Hyun, Carlota

Space For Fiction (SFF)  presents its first exhibition FLUXUS in Berlin Mitte, which shows the direction and attitude it seeks to pursue as a fashion label. Between functional-conceptual, reality-fiction, wearer-viewer, (SFF) seeking to rebuild relationships through garments.

In this exhibition, visitors can see experimental garments along with wearable objects  and artworks. In particular, the exhibition will unveil a short performance collaboration with the performer Hyun and Carlota.

(Collection 001)