Post-Replica, Post-Image* is an ongoing exploration into how objects have become like images, and images like objects, and what this means for designers. As designers, both our identity and our work exist as a result of many iterations before us-neither us, nor our work is completely new. Never before have we been so aware of how much copying exists in the creative act or industry, nor found copying so unavoidable when making anything, from a personal social media post to a signature fashion range. The project is a series of explorations into what happens when we reposition, rearrange, reclaim and replicate things that have already existed.

With the advent of social media, the exhibition value of an object as image has become more important than the functionality of that object. By engaging in acts of replication using digital media and material craftsmanship, the tension between the physical object and digital images is enhanced. What is revealed are the contradictions in how we think we perceive and value the digital objects and physical images, and how we actually do.

(Collection 001)