Collection 2021

Post-Replica, Post-Image*

MA Social Design Graduation Project
© Design Academy Eindhoven
Photo credit. Pierre Castignola

Never before have we been so aware of how much copying exists, nor found copying so unavoidable when making anything. Post-Replica, Post-Image* is an ongoing exploration into how the nature and status of objects, images and creative practitioners changes when copying is destigmatised, and instead recognised as a legitimate creative methodology and tool for social inquiry. Iconic design objects that are known almost entirely through images, have been replicated through different materials and techniques, emphasising the incomplete forms, functions, and styles that became a symbolic identity. Then the physical objects are copied back into the digital realm and the cycle repeats.

Performative Images

The selection of collection consists of “Objects consumed as iconic images”
With the advent of social media, objects have lost their original function and have an exhibition value as an image. The attempt to bring the images out of the media, show them physically in the exhibition and remain the installation views creates a new circulation of the image consumption.

The specification of an installation placed the artworks on the partly perforated chromakey setting evokes visual confusion and delirium by layering replicated images and objects. This procedure states that designer’s suggestion to reproduce images with displayed and exhibited gesture makes a narrative regarding a new sort of image consumption and circulation.

1985 / NIKE
SIZE : W10 x D28 x H16 cm

1984 / Hermès
SIZE : W34 x D17 x H37 cm

1950s / Pierre Jeanneret
SIZE : W50 x D53 x H86 cm

(Collection 001)